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violetta parsini/struboskop and other recordings…

hi there!

recently i recorded some vocals for a new tune by struboskop (simeks, zorillah and techtrix) that were sung by violetta parsini, an upcoming artist and singer/songwriter signed by universal. violetta did a great job with a dance tune called “don’t stop, robot”.

i also recorded some voiceovers and dialogue for two short films, one being johannes schiehsl’s “366 tage”, the other one being benjamin swiczinsky’s “heldenkanzler”. for benjamins film the voicover and dialogue by chancellor/dictator  dollfuss was spoken by erwin leder (“das boot”, “underworld” and many more films), hitler was spoken by our friend philipp hochhauser and mussolini by benjamin himself. for johannes schiehsl’s film peter hörmanseder showed up (member of the popular cabaret-group “maschek“), and also hosea ratschiller of “welt ahoi” stopped by.

both films are now being animated, “366 tage” on computer digitally, and benjamin’s “heldenkanzler” by hand, both animation artists got the raw recordings for that purpose, to be able to match the characters facial expressions to the recordings…

all the best,