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Between Bar – A short film by Pauline Flory

Hi y’all,

before the year is over I have to issue a blogpost for 2015 – I realize that nothing has been written yet. There have been two projects this year worth mentioning, one of them is a short film that I am about to finish:

Pauline Flory has made an amazing 5-minute short film called “Between Bar”, where her protagonist enters a bar an tries to become a part of this universe – in vain? There is some alcohol involved as well as a few interesting halluci… visions.

Music has been written and recorded and the sound design ist basically done, so I am in the process of finishing the mix for the film. See it soon (like…2016) at a film festival near you…!

All the best,

PS: Check out a really short, but really interesting making-of here.


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faust for the ipad – now available!

hi there!

finally it’s out: philipp hochhauser’s faust film is now available as an enhanced ibook featuring goethe’s text for the ipad! you can read goethe’s text and watch philip’s film alternatingly, comparing the director’s vision to your own, that goethe’s text creates in your mind. this is the first release ever of philipp’s film, even though it’s been split into 11 sequences and even though the ebook version does not contain the whole film. oh, by the way – the music which i wrote – featuring a real orchestra, choir, and an church organ – is also included, of course….better wear headphones…:-)

here’s the link to the itunes store…

all the best,

p.s.:…and here’s the iphone-compatible version !