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austrian filmmakers @ plutzerbräu

hi there!

on tuesday an interesting meeting took place @ plutzerbräu in vienna’s 7th district: the meeting of austrian filmmakers. many interesting projects were presented.

among them a facebook movie, where the creator of the project also created a facebook group to attract potential fans of the movie. this group is there to discuss the treatment and the script and to provide the filmmakers with input of what the fans would like to see. the movie is then made based on this feedback. not quite the artistic way to make a movie, but a way that might be popular, at least with the facebook fans.

also an open source movie was presented where virtually everyone can participate, pro or amateur, and contribute and learn along the way. another interesting although probably difficult way to create a movie. i personally like dictatorship in arts, at least for my music. i dictate what has to be done and how. not with this project…

a few more projects were presented, and also a couple of showreels were shown, one by a post production company, one by actor tom nash, the showreel of a cameraman, and i took the liberty to present my own showreel, or at least a few shorts that i have made the music for, and it was quite well received.

the next meeting will take place on july 6th @ plutzer bräu and i will definitely be there. a very interesting evening with lots of interesting people…

all the best,