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Birne, Schädel & Haupt -Episode 3

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Hi there,

for our German-speaking friends: Here is the 3rd episode of Benjamin Swiczinsky’s “Birne, Schädel & Haupt”, the animated web-series by “Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm”. This month features a sly and evil editor, who wants to create a web-series, featuring the three-headed “Trickfilmer”-eagle. On a sidenote – the actor speaking the editor should be quite familiar (it was my biggest part as a voice talent so far 🙂 ).

So don’t miss this month’s episode and check out the evil editor, who is featuring a very characteristic slang (similarities may be intended, but are still just similarities…). Enjoy!

all the best,


Author: Alex8nder

Musician, Composer and Music Engineer based in Vienna, Austria. Now also has a day-job.

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