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Between Bar – A short film by Pauline Flory

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Hi y’all,

before the year is over I have to issue a blogpost for 2015 – I realize that nothing has been written yet. There have been two projects this year worth mentioning, one of them is a short film that I am about to finish:

Pauline Flory has made an amazing 5-minute short film called “Between Bar”, where her protagonist enters a bar an tries to become a part of this universe – in vain? There is some alcohol involved as well as a few interesting halluci… visions.

Music has been written and recorded and the sound design ist basically done, so I am in the process of finishing the mix for the film. See it soon (like…2016) at a film festival near you…!

All the best,

PS: Check out a really short, but really interesting making-of here.


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Musician, Composer and Music Engineer based in Vienna, Austria. Now also has a day-job.

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